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Redefining What We Do…

American Parkour, the largest PKFR organization and website in the US, recently held an open discussion with the online community about revamping their old definitions of Parkour and Freerunning. The timeframe for adding your voice has since closed, but there is a new development in the story: I’ve been picked as a part of the team that will pool ideas together to create the new definition. Exciting work for me because American Parkour is the site where most interested parties, new practitioners, and many media outlets in the US (and globally) go to for information about the discipline. Which means my input could help reshape the public’s view.

We’ve set a time table of two weeks to discuss the wording amongst the team: expect a final result sometime in mid-October. Till then, don’t stop training! Words are good but action is better. Speak through your movement. A link to the discussion in the forums is provided below.APK’s Definition Discussion

And here are links to the old definitions already on the website.
APK’s Current Parkour Definition

APK’s Current Freerunning Definition


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