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HotSpot Philly – Find Your Way

Philadelphia – the birthplace of America. Filled with history, culture…and hotspots. Though not as saturated with opportunity like New York City or Los Angeles, “The City of Brotherly Love” can be still be called a major training ground for any serious PK/FR practitioner. From the Rocky Steps to Temple University to the incredible Penn’s Landing and the infamous Hamster Wheel, Philly offers something for everybody. And here, as promised, is a map to help guide you to these playgrounds.

If you have any suggestions for other spots, feel free to leave them in the comments section. I’ll add them as soon as possible. And since this will hopefully be an evolving, expanding map as I find more areas, check back for new updates.

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Interactive Hotspot Tour – Penn’s landing

As a preview to my city-wide Philly hotspot map, coming this Saturday, here’s a little project I put together today. The original tour video you see here is a single, uncut rolling shot through the entire Penn’s Landing hotspot area. But sprinkled throughout the film are pop up bubbles with links to click on. Click those links to be taken to a new video that gives you an in-depth look at that particular section of Penn’s Landing. INTERACTIVE TOUR BABY!

(Please excuse the shakiness of the picture, I was using a handheld camcorder and riding a skateboard at the same time. Also, I highly recommend watching this video on the youtube site itself, to get the full experience. Thanks for watching!)

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Have Pen, Will Flow (Pt.2)

Here’s an update and enhancement to my recent post about Parkour on paper.

Sam Slater, the man who collected the Future of Parkour story from the old UFF boards, has kindly made the files available for free download. You can download the Word file HERE. Fair warning – the file contains the entire thread from the old forums. That’s 90 pages of text in all. Better get comfy…

Expanding on this, I’ve decided to also make available here the downloads and links to several other texts relating to Parkour and especially the roots of the discipline and physical/mental training for Parkour. Continue reading

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Have Pen, Will Flow – Parkour on Paper

Calvin and Hobbes is owned by Bill Waterson and the Universal Press Syndicate.

It’s a fairly obscure piece of a fairly obscure physical activity, but over the last decade or so, more than a few professional and amateur writers, along with practitioners, have tried their hand at writing about and displaying Parkour on paper. I myself have an ongoing fictional story that I am writing for APK called RISE, a story that is updated with a new chapter every month.

You can find all past and current chapters of RISE here. You can also find many other writings in that section, from poetry to personal narratives, all written by members of the APK community.

But long before I came along, Continue reading

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Interview with a Traceur – Zac Cohn

Zac Cohn is a fairly well known and prominent figure in the American Parkour scene. He is the behind-the-scenes guru of APK’s home website, handling daily news features and a number of other tasks, including moderating on the forums. He is also the co-founder of Rochester PK and semi-famous for his summer trip two summers ago that saw him traveling 8 weeks around the entire United States, training with practitioners in over a dozen cities. Listen in to hear his thoughts on training, the future of Parkour, APK’s in-development television debut, and lots of other cool stuff.

For some footage of Zac in action and his Rochester PK group, check out these videos.

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International Hotspot Map

For a while now, over two years really, APK has been attempting to build a National Hotspot Map for America, with pretty decent results overall. But the other day Parkour Generations highlighted a new Hotspot Map system, this one an international version. Curious about seeing hotspots from around the world, I joined up with the site and added three of the main spots in Philadelphia. (Museum of Art, Penn’s Landing, and Temple University) Since joining the site, 175 spots have been added and the number is growing daily.

Now I don’t want to “steal” attention away from APK’s efforts, but I think everyone should consider joining the site and adding their favorite hotspots, wherever they may be. I am a firm believer that Parkour should be an international community with a give and take between all countries, cultures, organizations, and businesses. What better way than to share with the world such great American locales as Cat Fountain and the UCLA Campus? Wouldn’t it be amazing if this site really took off and became THE place to go for info on any training ground anywhere in the world?

ParkourSpot – The International Hotspot Database