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Certification Updates, Oh My!

Straight from Parkour Generations themselves…

ADAPT UK Begins! January 18-21

Next week will see the first ADAPT (Art du Deplacement and Parkour Teaching) Level 1 Qualification Course being offered by the UK’s National Governing Body – Parkour UK. 1st4Sports has now come on board as the awarding body for the qualification, with the UK version being valid across Europe. The 4-day course is for the Level 1 Assistant Instructor qualification, a necessary step on the way to the Level 2 Full Instructor qualification courses soon to follow. The UK ADAPT qualification is part of the ADAPT scheme created by the Yamakasi founders at Majestic Force and the Parkour Generations collective, including Chau Belle, Stephane Vigroux, Seb Goudot, Yann Hnautra, Thomas Couetdic, Forrest, Williams Belle, Dan Edwardes, Laurent Piemontesi and Johann Vigroux. This historic course marks the official launch of the recognised coaching qualification in Europe, and we will have a full report of how it went next week. For more information on ADAPT, click here.

> Parkour UK proudly confirms Sebastien Foucan will be attending the L1 1st4Sport Certificate in Coaching Parkour/Frerunning (ADAPT) next week.

> Parkour UK will launch open courses in the Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Parkour/Freerunning (ADAPT) from Feb 2010 e:

> City of Westminster will host the first ever 1st4Sport Certificate in Coaching Parkour/Frerunning (ADAPT) next week 18th – 21st January 2010

> Parkour UK formally announces the 1st4Sport Certificate in Coaching Parkour/Freerunning (ADAPT) will launch on the 18th January 2010

And also, I finally received a reply from Dave Sedgley, chairman of the British Parkour Coaching Association. Here’s a copy of the questions I asked and what he had to say…

I would like to know any information you can give me about the BPCA’s certification. I have a lot of info from reading through the sections of your website explaining the program, but I was hoping you could tell me some things not listed there. Things such as pricing, who can take the certification, who will give it, where exactly it can be taken, the official release date, etc.

The cost of our courses depends on the cost of the venue and the
number attending the course. In the past our Coach Training Courses
(CTC) have usually cost attendees around £35 and Assessments around
£75, both run as a single day. With the updated assessment criteria
we are in the process of finishing off we’re expecting to move
towards 2-day courses but we’ve not worked out the costs for those
yet. I expect the cost will have to increase though.

The certification is open to anyone who wishes to help people learn
parkour, and we’ve had a wide range of people attend our training
courses. The Assessment that coaches need to pass in order to gain
the certificate and join the Association is quite demanding though,
so it takes a dedicated practitioner to successfully qualify.

Both the CTCs and the Assessments are run by our team of Assessors,
who have undergone a more thorough assessment themselves and in most
cases are people who had a hand in setting the standards themselves.
At the moment the vast majority of courses are run by Assessors who
are also Committee Members, as they are the people most able to
devote the necessary time.

Courses are run wherever is most convenient for all involved, to keep
costs down. We’ve do tend to re-use venues though, so as yet we have
only run courses in London, Liverpool, Crawley, Canterbury, Lincoln,
Hull and possibly other places that have escaped my memory

The courses and qualification scheme launched in March 2008 at the
BPCA’s annual meeting. The first CTC was held later that month, and
the first Assessment that July. Since then somewhere between 50 and
60 coaches have started the process, with 15 of them currently having
passed the assessment.

As for the future, well I’ve already mentioned that the certification
process is being updated as I speak and the new version is due for
release this March (2-year revision cycle). We won’t be running any
more courses until then, so as to avoid training people to pass a
test that won’t exist by the time they come to take it. Coaches are
re-assessed every 2 years, so existing coaches will be re-assessed on
the new standards when their time comes.

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Santa Runs Again and Accidents Guaranteed

Two quick updates everyone!

First, the Finnish practitioners kept tradition alive and released another “Santa Dash” video this year, right on Christmas. Enjoy!

Second, please stay tuned for an in-depth article I’m writing about Parkour, accepting danger, and realizing that accidents aren’t just likely, they are guaranteed. How? Well check back in a few days and find out. In the mean time, here’s a link to a scientific theory that’s going to play a big part in my article…”>Normal Accident Theory