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6 (Legal) Jobs That Put Your Parkour Skills to the Test

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1) National Park Search and Rescue

A hiker has been reported missing for two days. You have less than 24 hours to find him before he potentially dies of hypothermia. What do you do? If you’re a professional SAR team member, you hit the trails hard and be a real-life Superman man. Better have your tree climb-ups in order.

2) Firefighter

The profession of David Belle’s father, firefighters are the original Parkour athletes. Climbing through windows, leaping gaps in exposed floors, and battling face-melting heat. All in the name of saving others. Win.

3) US Air Force Pararescue

Take the park rescuer and add in a dash of skydiving. Drop behind enemy lines, find the pilot, make it home in one piece. Bonus points if you do it looking as bad ass as this guy.

4) Stunt Performer

Need I say more?

5) Professional Adventure Racer

Scramble across rock strewn paths, paddle down raging rivers, and haul ass on a mountain bike down a sheer slope? All in a day’s work for an adventure racer. Long distance nature Parkour for all!

6) Playground Designer

Didn’t see this one coming, huh? But if you’re going to build the best playgrounds around you should have an idea of what kids can (and will want) to do with your designs. What better way than a background in the study of movement?

Can you think of any others? Leave them in the comments!


Author: Gabe Arnold

A student of Movement in all its forms, I have a particular love of Parkour and Freerunning. Trained as a fitness professional and currently pursuing a masters degree in Human Movement, my goal in life is to find the connections between movement, emotion, and soul.

One thought on “6 (Legal) Jobs That Put Your Parkour Skills to the Test

  1. I totally want to be a SAR person now.

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