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What Do You Value?

On Youtube, there is a famous speech by speaker Eric Thomas that is attached to countless motivational videos and songs. The focal point of the speech is the idea, “how bad do you want it?” Thomas puts it very succinctly by saying that until you want something as bad as you want to breathe, you’ll never be successful. He says that you need to dedicate yourself mind, body, and soul to your goal to have true success.

While I agree that kind of determination is often needed, I believe there is something equally important to keep in mind, an idea to maintain…


How much do you value what it is you’re trying to do? How much are you willing to devote – to invest – to the journey? There are many different types of investment to show value. You can invest with money, or time, or energy, or dozens of other ways and combinations of ways. Are you willing to seek out the best trainers, get up an hour earlier, pay for the best gear and places to train?

For example, let’s say I want to run a mile in under six minutes when I currently run it in seven minutes. I really want to reach this milestone and I claim that I’m willing to do anything to get it. But if I truly value this goal as much as I say, I need to put in the proper investment. I might need to get better shoes or seek out the knowledge of a running coach. I may need to get up early to run more or stay out late to get in an extra workout. I may need to eat a more specialized diet or take extra steps to ensure proper recovery. In short, it takes more than desire to make a dream into reality. It takes planning and investment; attaching the proper value to what I want to do.

Love or hate his politics, Malcolm X understood the power of value.

Too often we don’t place the proper value on the things we crave. The New Year is coming and a perfect example of this is the resolutions normally made around this time. Millions of people resolve themselves to improve in the New Year, usually by exercising more and eating better. They’ll join a gym, buy a bunch of “healthy” foods, and go for it.

But what happens next? For the vast majority of people, nothing happens. The membership is never used and the healthy food is avoided and goes to waste. Why? The desire was there but the value was not. If you’re a couch potato and haven’t exercised regularly in several years than simply getting a gym membership usually won’t be enough. You need to set yourself up in an environment that leads you to success. This might mean investing in a personal trainer or partner classes, parking farther away and walking to work, cooking food ahead of time and leaving nothing in the house to eat otherwise but good stuff.

The same goes for parkour and freerunning. The same goes for anything. If you place the proper value on what you want to do you will take the steps necessary to make it happen. If you’re dedicated to getting better at flipping you should be willing to seek out and pay an instructor, or at least set aside the time to practice on your own and be prepared for the longer process that it will take. It’s a give-and-take. The more you invest in what you value, the more you get in return. The more you value it, the more investment you’re willing to make.

Should’ve invested in that ground fighting coach, huh?

I have my own resolution that I will be placing extra value on in 2014. Several years ago I wrote a novella-length story about parkour called RISE. Ever since I finished it I kept telling myself that one day I’d clean it up, expand it a little, and try to get it published, even if I had to publish it myself. Up until this point I had wanted to reach that goal but never truly valued it. I wasn’t prepared to search for publishers, get it edited, all the things I glossed over while thinking only of the end product. Now, I will.

So, with this brand new year of 2014 upon us, I put a challenge forward to you. Find a goal, a dream, and put some real value to it. Plan out the investment, prepare to work towards it. Because if you truly value something, nothing should stop you. Not time, not money, not effort, nothing. You want it as much as you can breathe? Good. Now value it as much as you value life itself. Invest in life itself. And become a true success.

The New Year is Coming.