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Back in the Saddle Again

Credit to Benjamin Jellis

It’s been almost two┬áthree years since I last updated this blog or posted anything. I think that’s a long enough time away. I don’t know how quickly I’ll get things up and running again, or how frequent content will be. But this will happen, in one form or another.

Expect a slightly more philosophical tone to future posts with some news commentary, fitness science, and other random bits thrown in for equal measure. For now, keep your feet light and your eyes on the horizon…something good this way comes.

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Can’t Keep A Good Man Down – Naoki Returns

Image courtesy of Parkour Generations

Earlier this year, a young Japanese man named Naoki Ishiyama broke his back while training in London, England. He was injured when a tree branch he was standing on snapped underneath him. Thanks to the efforts of Parkour Generations and hundreds of other practitioners and organizations around the world, Naoki was able to return to Japan and undergo surgery to repair his spine.

Now, PKGen reports that Naoki is not only recovering, he’s training! Okay, so it’s only walking up steps and a few tiny precisions and half-push-ups, but it’s still great news! Take a look!

Naoki Walks!

Also, after I broke the news on APK, Zac Cohn was good enough to scour the Internet and find another, much more in-depth article about Cambridge and the Parkour damage complaints. Read the article here.